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Business Summary

Research in the Aviation Industry

Our domestic and international aviation market research will assist your operation and business strategy. In recent years, the aviation industry has developed dramatically and key factors to the business are in collecting accurate information and the analysis if it.

Planning and Airport Operation

We support the development of your operation and the planning new projects in aviation and related industries. Expertise and skills are required for successful airport operation. We offer a new management model, which has been enhanced through our experience.

Promotional Support

We provide support services to meet the demands of our customers, such as market research and analysis, formulating concepts designs, creating a sales platform and planning and conducting promotional events. Marketing and public relations in the aviation industry have high specificity and differ from other industries'. Our experience will allow you to achieve your goal quickly and efficiently.

Encouragement of Cultural Relations

Cultural interaction plays a very important role to provide deep understanding of other countries and cultures as well as your own. We actively promote cultural interaction, which expands and raises awareness of Japanese culture. We will assist you in encouraging and developing cultural relations.

Consulting Service for Airlines

This section is one of the areas of specialty within our company, implementing our experience and global networks. We provide solutions for the optimization and maximization of your performance as the professionals in the field of aviation-related services.

Aviation Data

We provide and sell aviation data and publications from global organizations. Please feel free to contact us.
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